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Get some basic general Order data



Get all Orders of a Company based on input from ElasticSearch with aggregations.


Path Parameters

    company_guid uuidrequired

    The guid of the Company.


Input data

    offset integerrequired

    From which Order to start with returning.

    limit integerrequired

    The maximum number of Orders to return.

    timeunit stringrequired

    Possible values: [year, month, week, day, hour]

    The interval.

    range_applies_to string

    Possible values: [created_at, updated_at]

    The range on which the dates will be taken.

    statii string[]

    Possible values: [swapped, paid, cancelled, expired, pending]

    A list of statii to include in the aggregations.

    start ISO 8601

    The start time of the data.

    end ISO 8601

    The end time of the data.

    filters string

    The filters that will be applied to the query.

    events string

    The Events for which we need to filter on the Ticket Types.

    sorting string

    The keys with their direction for which sorting should be applied to the query.


All Orders directly from Elasticsearch.