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Get all Locations



Returns all Locations of the requested Company.

Note, this excludes public Locations.



Locations found.


  • Array [

  • guid uuidrequired

    The guid of the Location

    company_id uuid

    The guid of the Company of the Location.

    name stringrequired

    Possible values: <= 255 characters

    The name of the Location.

    description string

    Possible values: <= 65535 characters

    The description of the Location.

    capacity integerrequired

    Possible values: <= 9999999999

    The maximum capacity of people that can be at this Location. This number is strictly positive or 0 signaling an infinite capacity.

    latitude float

    Possible values: >= -85 and <= 85

    The latitude in LatLng format.

    longitude float

    Possible values: >= -180 and <= 180

    The longitude in LatLng format.

    address string

    Possible values: <= 65536 characters

    The address of this Location. This is free text, so it can be as large or small as desired.

    public boolean

    Whether this Location should appear in the public listing.

    seats_chart_key string

    The key of the seating chart. See for more information.

    parent_guid uuid

    The guid of the parent Location. In the case that the Location has a parent.

    seated boolean

    Whether the Location provides seating or not.

    created_at ISO 8601

    The time it was created.

    updated_at ISO 8601

    The time it was last updated.

    deleted_at ISO 8601

    The time it was deleted.

  • ]