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Get Refunds of Order



Retrieves the Refunds of the specific Order.


Path Parameters

    guid uuidrequired

    The guid of the Order.


Refunds of Order found.


    guid uuid

    The guid of the Refund.

    original_order_id uuid

    The guid of the Order that is being refunded. (A new Order is created to be able to refund, see order_id)

    order_id uuid

    The guid of the Order this Refund belongs to.

    original_payment_id uuid

    The payment of the original Order (see original_order_id). This is what is paid originally and will be (partly) refunded by the new payment (see payment_id).

    payment_id uuid

    The guid of the Payment this Refund belongs to.

    payment_method_id uuid

    The guid of the PaymentMethod this Refund belongs to.

    type string

    Possible values: [payment, payout]

    The type of the Refund.

    amount float

    The amount (to be) refunded in cents.

    currency ISO 4217

    The currency in which the Refund will be paid.

    status string

    The current status of the Refund.

    description string

    The description of the Refund.

    refund_transaction_id string

    The id of the transaction provided by the external Payment Provider.

    refund_error string

    This contains the error, if the Refund could not execute due to an error.

    executed_at integer

    The unix timestamp at which the Refund was executed.

    created_at ISO 8601

    The time it was created.

    updated_at ISO 8601

    The time it was last updated.