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Get all Shops



Returns all Shops of the requested Company. When the Company has no Shops an empty array will be returned.



Shops found.


  • Array [

  • guid uuidrequired

    The guid of the Shop.

    name stringrequired

    Possible values: <= 255 characters

    The name of the Shop.

    description string

    Possible values: <= 65536 characters

    The description of the Shop.

    event_selection string

    Possible values: [auto, enabled, disabled]

    Default value: auto

    Whether to show the Event selection as first step in the Shop. On default this will be enabled if there are 5 or more Events available.

    google_tag string

    Possible values: >= 8 characters and <= 15 characters

    A Google Tag code from Google Tag Manager to include in the Shop.

    company_terms url

    The terms of the Company of the Shop. This is a url.

    css string

    Any custom css the Shop has.

    facebook_auto_attend boolean

    Whether people should be auto-attended or not, when they are logging in with Facebook.

    facebook_page_url url

    The full url to the Facebook Page. This will be shown in shop as header.

    seats_allow_orphan boolean

    Whether for seats, orphan seats are allowed.

    greedy_date_selection boolean

    Whether a date should be preselected. When set to true, the shop always falls back to date-selection mode.

    email_validation_rule string

    Extra rules which can be enforced on the emails when placing Orders, i.e. Laraval validation rules.

    email_must_be_unique boolean

    Whether all emails should be unique, i.e. only 1 Order can be placed with the same email address.

    auto_prune boolean

    Whether to allow auto pruning.

    global_terms url

    Calculated property, the Whitelabel terms a visitor has to accept.

    currency ISO 4217

    Default value: EUR

    Currency for the Orders, currently ignored.

    reservation_time integer

    Possible values: <= 3600

    How long reserved Tickets and/or Products remain reserved. The time is in minutes.

    seats_public_key string

    The public key to use with

  • ]