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Update MetaData of Order



Update an existing OrderMetaData value of the Order.


Path Parameters

    guid stringrequired

    The guid of the Order.

    order_metadata_guid uuidrequired

    The guid of the OrderMetaData of the Order.


Input data

    value string

    The value of the OrderMetaData.


OrderMetaData updated.


    guid uuid

    The guid of the OrderMetadata.

    metadata_id uuid

    The guid of the Metadata this OrderMetadata belongs to.

    order_id uuid

    The guid of the Order this OrderMetadata belongs to.

    value string

    The value of the OrderMetaData.

    is_required boolean

    Whether the OrderMetaData is required to be filled in.

    is_complete boolean

    Whether the OrderMetaData has been filled in.



    guid uuidrequired

    The guid of the MetaData.

    name stringrequired

    Possible values: <= 255 characters

    The human readable name for the MetaData.

    shop_description string

    Additional info for the MetaData, i.e. the description of the MetaData.

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [integer, string, date, enum, enumOther, boolean, values, seatSelect, phone]

    The type of the MetaData is related to UI that needs to be presented. The "seatSelect" type can only be set by an admin.

    extra string

    Possible values: <= 60000 characters

    Extra information which is required for the type, i.e. this is Laravel validation rules.

    copy_on_swap boolean

    When a ticket swap creates a new Ticket Type, whether the value of this MetaData should be copied to the new Ticket Type. If you are unsure, leave this false; incorrect usage could leak personal information.

    auto_fill_facebook string

    Possible values: [none, first_name, last_name, email, gender, date_of_birth, age, city, country]

    The Facebook input type to auto fill the MetaData. This has been disabled by Facebook.

    translate_name string

    The translated name. This property is calculated.

    translatable boolean

    Whether the MetaData is translatable or not.

    created_at ISO 8601

    The time it was created.

    updated_at ISO 8601

    The time it was last updated.

    created_at_int integer

    The time it was created at as a unix timestamp.