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List all webhooks



List all webhooks


Query Parameters

    guid string
    company_id string
    name string
    resource string
    trigger string


successful operation


  • Array [

  • guid string
    Name string
    retries int8

    How often a failed request to this webhook can be retried. Retries are executed using an exponential backoff scheme.

    company_id string

    May also be null, if null, or if the token does not provide access to that company, the field will be set to the current company-id.

    url string

    The URL which where the webhooks can be POSTed to.

    resource string
    identifier string
    trigger string
    nonce string

    A nonce that can be used to verify the authenticity of a received webhook. Will be added as a header to the request.

    triggered_by_child_resources boolean

    Default value: false

  • ]